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  • Re:Build 405 Bio-ethanol Burner
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    Re:Build 405 Bio-ethanol Burner

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    Re: Build 405 bio-ethanol burner is an easy-to-use bio-ethanol fireplace that can be placed directly in an existing situation, such as a fireplace or chimney.

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    Product description

    Vauni Re: build bioethanol burners are the perfect solutions if you want to design your own fireplace. Intended to be built into refractory materials such as bricks or stone, Re: build allows maximum design freedom and minimizes costs and chimney related problems. Re: build is the ultimate choice for your personal fire experience.

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    Re: build bioethanol burners are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to design their own flue-less fireplace. They are designed to be built into refractory material and do not require a chimney or flue, ensuring maximum design freedom. Installing a custom fireplace without flue gases is recommended for all types of construction and renovation projects.