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  • Bio-ethanol fireplaces

    Bio-ethanol fireplaces

    The bioethanol systems are used in many different projects today. With the advantage that no complicated installation is required, but there is real fire, the bioethanol fireplace is gaining more and more popularity. Create warmth in your living space with the dancing flames of a flue-less fireplace.

    Bio-ethanol fireplaces & stoves

    Nowadays more and more people are switching to a bio-ethanol fireplace. The Dutch government has decided that the Netherlands will become fully sustainable by 2050. This means that no more natural gas is supplied to households. More and more demand is arising for alternative fireplaces, such as drainless solutions. What are the options if you are no longer allowed to have a fireplace that is wood-fired or gas-fired? Bio-ethanol fireplaces are the solution. This is because bioethanol fireplaces burn with real fire, do not emit toxic fumes, no soot is released and no drainage channel is required.